William Hill Basketball


Through William Hill you can bet lots of basketball leagues and basketball matches.

How to place bet on basketball through William Hill

William Hill basketball topAfter logging into William Hill, please select Basketball from Sports tab

William Hill basketball league listThen you can check the list of leagues. Let’s take a look on NBA.

William Hill basketball match listWilliam Hill basketball bet slipWhen you click odds, your bet slip will be updated automatically. If you input wager and click “PLACE BET”, then your bet will be placed.

William Hill Basketball betting methods

Basketball Betting Methods
Name Description
Money Line You will predict which team will win
Spread You will predict which team will win after the handicap spread has been applied to the actual score
Match Points You will predict the points under vaarious conditions
Double Result You will predict the result at both half time and full time
Totals/Total Points You will predict the total score will be over or under a specified figure under various conditions
Race to a set number of points You will predict which team to score first the specified number of points
Points Odd/Even You will predict whether the total points will be odd number or even number
Double-Doube You will predict which player will achive Double-Double: Double-Double is for the named player to achive 10 or more points in two different statistical categories