William Hill Baseball


Currently, William Hill offers only MLB (Major League Baseball) for sports betting.

How to place bet on baseball.

After logging into William Hill, please click “Baseball” from Sports tab.
William Hill Baseball top
Then please click MLB.
William Hill baseball league list
Here you can check the list of matches. When you click odds your bet slip will be automatically updated. If you input wager and click “PLACE BET” then your bet will be placed.
William Hill baseball match list

William Hill baseball bet slip

William Hill Baseball Betting Methods

Baseball Betting Methods
Name Description
Money Line You will predict which team will win
Run Line You will predict which team will win after the handicap spread has been applied to the actual scores
Total Runs You wil predect the total runs under various conditions
Innings Betting You will predict which team will score most in a specific inning
Double Result You will predict the result of both 4th innings and the end of the game
Score You will predict whether your selected team will score under various conditions
Race to X Runs You will predict which team to reach the specified number of runs first