Explanation of WIlliam Hill Odds Format


You can choose odds price format at the “Price Format” select box. You can choose from Fractional, Decimal and American.


Fractional odds shows odds in fraction formats. If Fractional odds show 5/7, that means your winning profit from 1 USD betting will be 5/7 USD. So you will get 5/7 USD (profit)+ 1 USD (original wager) = 12/7 USD (total return).


Decimal odds shows odds in decimal formats. If Decimal odds shows 3.0, that means your winning return from 1 USD betting will be 3 USD (1 USD x 3.0 = 3 USD).


American odds shows odds in plus/minus numbers. If American odds shows minus number, that means you will need the minus number to get 100 USD as winning profit. If American odds shows plus number, that means you will get the plus number profit from 100 USD wager.