Dortmund Suffers a Complete Loss Against Monaco, Can They Do Well Next Season?


In the Champion’s League second leg, Dortmund lost completely against Monaco in their home ground 3-1 and seem mentally shattered.


Kagawa played decently well in the match, but it still ended with only regrets for Dortmund.


Winning the Bundesliga is no longer a realistic goal, and the semifinal of the National Cup is against Bayern which seems terrible luck for the team.


In this situation the managers may already just be thinking about next year.


Borussia Mönchengladbach on the other hand is currently sitting in 9th place on the table and are not satisfied with this year’s results at all.


Though in the national cup battle they have been playing well, and are now in the semifinal.


In the Bundesliga’s 30th match week Mönchengladbach will welcome Dortmund into their home ground, let’s predict this game with odds and other information.


Dortmund’s defense has not changed, on the other hand Mönchengladbach failed in a seesaw game.


Dortmund is now sitting in fourth on the table, and is not in their best form.


This must surely be due to their unstable defense.


Tuchel used different formations around the beginning of this season, and tried a lot of different styles but nothing has worked so well so far.


The league is now coming to an end, but there doesn’t seem to have been any improvement in Dortmund’s defense.


Even in their second leg with Monaco, they gave up goals early in the game.


They had their chances to flip things around, but they didn’t take them and ultimately lost.


Now the league is in its 30th match week, and if they can find a way to improve their defense in the time left, this season can be very meaningful in its preparation for next season.


Mönchengladbach on the other hand had a very intense game against Hoffenheim in their last match.


Until the end of the game it was a see saw battle, but at the end Mönchengladbach fell 3-5.


However they could show off their strength against the third ranked team.


This game will see them welcome Dortmund into their home ground.


They have been fighting against tough teams like Hertha and Hoffenheim in April, and they will also try to get the victory against Dortmund by fighting with a lot of passion.


Past Game Results


In the past five games between these two teams, Dortmund had four wins and one loss.


You can say Mönchengladbach is an easy match for Dortmund because in those five games Dortmund scored more than 3 goals in three games.


However when Dortmund played away games their record was 4 wins, 5 draws, and 6 losses.


Their past 6 games have only one victory, so it seems like they are not doing great in their opponent’s home grounds.


Because of this it seems like Mönchengladbach may have a fighting chance this team.


If Mönchengladbach can fight with a fearless attitude it may create a chance for victory.


Game Development


This game is being played at Mönchengladbach’s home stadium.


So for them it may be a good idea to against Dortmund with no fear and start attacking immediately in the first half.


Even though Dortmund’s counter attack is amazing, their defensive skill has gone down so it is a double bladed sword for them.


So if Mönchengladbach can do side attacks and go against Dortmund’s weak point to panic their opponents that will be great for them.


They have to be careful of midfielders like Weigl, but maybe they can get the first goal with a high risk high reward attack strategy.


On the other hand Dortmund should work on their defense.

Especially managing the space between the defensive line and midfield, and try out whatever they can to stabilize this area.


This game it is a necessity that they can play in a way that will help them prepare for next season.


Of course winning is important, but if they can improve their weak points this will be a meaningful game for the 17’/18’ season.


For Dortmund’s attacks they need to not only rely on Reus and Aubameyang, but test out some combination attacks to break up the opposing midfield.


Also Kagawa needs to play at a high level to stick around for next season.


We don’t know if Kagawa is in the lineup for this match yet, but being able to leave a good impression in his limited time, should connect to a renewal of his contract.


Let’s predict this game with odds


Let’s predict the 30th game of the Bundesliga with odds from famous bookmakers.


William Hill

Mönchengladbach Win 3.60 Draw      3.30       Dortmund Win     2.05


Dortmund, who is playing an away game has more of an advantage in the odds it seems.


This is because the league ranking, as well as the past games between these two teams for sure.


However you shouldn’t forget Dortmund’s past away game results this year.


As mentioned above, this year in away games they have 4 wins, 5 draws, and 6 losses.


They have definitely been suffering a lot in away games this year.


So you can say Mönchengladbach has a big chance in this game.


This game might actually be a nearly dead even draw, more than most people would think.


In Conclusion

The Bundesliga season is nearing a close, and Bayern’s victory is already a near certainty.


So now the focus should be on which teams will qualify for the Champion’s League.


The gap between 4th place Dortmund and 5th place Hertha is 10 points, but depending on the results of this match it could shrink to 7 points.


Hertha getting into qualifying position is very difficult, but you never know what is going to happen in the soccer world.


So if Dortmund underestimates the teams below them they may get bitten.


This game, which is important for next year’s tactics as well as champion’s league qualifying position will kick off on April 22nd.
You can’t keep your eyes off of this one.

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