Juventus vs Barcelona CL First Leg Will Surely be an Intense Match

In their last game Barcelona suffered a shocking loss to a low ranked team. The road to victory now seems more much difficult to traverse.


Ironically they ended up assisting Real Madrid’s bid to win the league. With this in mind will they be able to change their mentality before the CL match up?


On the other hand powerhouse Juventus who are nearly guaranteed to win Serie A, want to get revenge for their match two years ago.


There are so many interesting games on the first day of the European Champion’s League.


Especially the game Juventus vs Barcelona 2015-16 finals revenge is definitely something that the world is excited about.


So let’s predict the game with odds and other information.


Barcelona is having issues gaining momentum, on the other hand Juventus is doing great.


Barcelona got shut out by Malaga in the last game 0-2.


It’s an unfortunate truth that the game left a poor taste in their mouth with Neymar leaving 65 minutes in.


Their next game will be in Juventus’ home ground in the Champion’s League round of eight, a game they will enter into with low morale.


Because of their poor showing with PSG in the round of 16 they will surely be feeling the pressure to get at least a draw game, even though they are playing away from home.


If they can get at least a goal in this match it will let them head into the second leg in Camp Nou in great spirits.


So in this game getting the first goal seems to be the key point.


On the other hand Juventus has been keeping their great form lately.


In the league they haven’t had a loss since the 20th game of the season. Even in the Italian Cup they advanced to the finals.

Also they haven’t had any losses at home so they may play a game that surpasses even powerhouse Barca in this first leg.


The teams Juventus and Barcelona seem to be heading in opposite directions, but how will this game go?


It is almost guaranteed that this will be a game you can’t look away from.


Busquets Can’t Play in This Game! Mandzukic May Have a Chance to Regain a Starting Spot!


Looking not only at the recent situations, even in regards to individual players situations both teams are in very different spots.


There is a plan for Mandzukic to possibly recover his form for this game.


By him joining the squad again Juventus should have a more powerful offense in this match.


You can expect a powerup for this squad that is not inferior to the three great teams [Bayern Munich, Barcelona, and Real Madrid]. If they can recover their strongest forward with Higuain, Dybala, and Cuadrado.


As for Barcelona key squad member Busquets is unable to play.


Maybe you can expect a very difficult game in both offense and defense with the lack of Busquets stable presence.


Also Rafinha has been away from the team for a while, so Barcelona will battle Juventus with their squad at far below capacity.


So it may be very difficult for them to win this game.


Game Development


In this first leg you can expect Juventus to take advantage of being in their home ground, and planning to attack aggressively from the beginning of the match.


So the first 15 minutes of the game may be an up and down affair.


Both Juventus and Barcelona are lacking great all around midfielders who can control the pace of the game.

So Barcelona who are playing an away game, want to settle this game down as much as possible.


It is a fact however, that this will be a difficult task to achieve with Busquets being out.


The gap between Busquets playing and not playing for Barcelona’s build up play is like day and night.


In this first game Barcelona may lack precise offense and defense.


So for them Messi, Neymar, and Suarez’s individual skills will be the key.


If they could manage to connect the ball to those three, they should be able to break their opponents apart from the center.


Even though it’s a fact that you can’t help relying on aging superstar Iniesta, they do want to put some focus on other midfielders such as Rakitic.


For their part, Juventus should try to suppress Barca’s midfielders with a high press.


It’s especially important for Khedira to block off the passing lanes for MSN.


Juventus does have some defensive concerns, it will be fatal if they allow Barcelona to get away goals.


They want to give up as few goals as possible.


Luckily they have an abundance of talent at the forward position, and they should not allow Barcelona to get the lead by putting up a good work rate throughout the game.


With their current skill Juventus should be able to get some goals against Barcelona with relative ease.


More important than that is their defensive stability.


How many goals they can build up for themselves before heading to Camp Nou will make a huge difference in their future.


Now let’s look at the odds.


CL Round of 8, an exciting upcoming game, let’s take a look at the odds.


Bookmaker William Hill

Juventus Win      2.50       Draw     3.10       Barcelona Win    2.90


Bookmaker BET365



As to be expected of this battle between two European titans, the odds show an almost equal match.


Around the Champion’s League round of eight, almost all games become each leagues powerhouse teams battling it out.


This year as well you can expect some amazingly passionate games.


Will this game be as fiery as the odds make it seem?


According to each team’s current form Juventus has the advantage, but no one can ever predict how things will play out.


This will definitely be a game you can’t take your eyes off until the end.




Finally we have reached the round of eight in the 2017 Champions League!


In April club teams representing their countries fight to make it to the last four very intensely.


One of the most exciting games in this round is definitely Juventus vs Barcelona.


Because this is a game reminiscent of 2012’s final this is a game Soccer fans can’t take their eyes off of.


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