2017 F-1 Has Begun The First Round of the Australian GP

The 2017 F1 Season will begin soon on the 24th in Albert Park Circuit in Melbourne, Australia. [The final race is on the 26th beginning at 2pm].

The main thing people will be watching is how much Red Bull and Ferrari can go against Mercedes who were the champions last year.

It seems like having the same drivers as last year will be an advantage for Ferrari [Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Raikkonen] and Red Bull [Max Verstappen, Daniel Ricciardo].

For Mercedes, in place of Nico Rosberg, Valtteri Bottas, who is originally from Williams, will join the team. Fans are excited to see how this move will play out.

On the second day of the Barcelona testing Bottas had the fastest time, and was really impressing the crowds.

It’s hard to completely predict results based on a test drive, but there shouldn’t be any worries for Bottas given his past success with Williams as well.

In the Barcelona testing there were some concerns for McClaren-Honda even though they are not hoping for the top spot.

Perhaps Japanese people are familiar with their team, given that Honda makes the engines for this F-1 team. Especially older fans have a strong impression that they were pretty strong in the era of Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost.

However, McClaren-Honda’s results have been pretty disappointing for a loyal fanbase recently.

It’s not so much that the cars or drivers are bad for their team, but the Honda engines are really underperforming.

In the Barcelona testing, the team could not even perform their test drive due to the number of engine malfunctions.

Even though the season hasn’t started yet, it already seems like fans should not be holding out high hopes for McClaren-Honda’s team.

Former champion Fernando Alonso, who is currently a driver for McClaren-Honda seems to be in poor form since transferring in 2015.

Fans have been feeling sympathetic towards Alonso, thinking if he had a better car that his skills would be worthy of a champion. If he was not with McClaren-Honda he would surely have a better chance of victory.

One likely explanation for McClaren-Honda’s recent struggles is their 6 year hiatus from 09-15, which surely had some effect on their ability to produce.

Another possible cause is that Honda has limited data to study as they are only providing engines to McClaren.

Let’s hope for some good driving around the end of the season, as Honda should be able to improve the engine as they drive more races.

Now let’s look at the bookmaker’s odds to predict the first round of the F1 Australia GP.

William Hill:


Lewis Hamilton   1.91                     Sebastian Vettel  4.50

Valtteri Bottas                   7.00                     Kimi Raikkonen  8.00

Daniel Ricciardo 11.00                   Max Verstappen  11.00

Felipe Massa                    81.00                   Fernando Alonso 301.00

Lance Stroll                       351.00                 Sergio Perez                     401.00

Nico Hulkenberg 501.00                 Carlos Sainz Jr   751.00

Esteban Ocon                   1001.00 Kevin Magnussen             1001.00

Jolyon Palmer                   1001.00 Stoffel Vandoorne             1001.00

Daniil Kvyat                      1001.00 Pascal Wehrlein  1001.00

Marcus Ericsson 1001.00 Romain Grosjean              1001.00


Graph Attached

Both bookmakers show the most favored driver is Lewis Hamilton followed by Vettel, and then Bottas.

The reason Mercedes has the 1st and 3rd drivers is due to their three consecutive years of victory.

However the first race is really looking unpredictable, and a heavy gamble, so it is hard to assume it will go just as the odds predicted.

Perhaps McClaren-Honda can have a better than expected result. So let’s expect a lot of excitement and enjoy watching this race!


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