After Losing to a Bottom Table Team are Things Looking Bleak for Barcelona

Barcelona recently suffered a shocking loss to 15th ranked team Deportivo, putting them in a precarious position in the league standings with the 28th match week upcoming.


The gap between first place Real and Barca is five points including the matches Real has not yet played. If this gap continues to grow it will probably be impossible for Barcelona to overcome it.


On the other hand, Valencia has been struggling a lot this season.


They’re showing poor form without a hint of the powerhouse team they used to be visible.


Sitting at 13th place, which is low for Valencia’s standards, their upcoming week 28 fixture is against Barcelona.


Barcelona will welcome former powerhouse Valencia in Camp Nou.


Let’s predict this exciting game with odds, and trends for each team.


Both Teams Condition


Upon hearing the name Barcelona, the most recent thing that comes to mind is their miracle victory against PSG in the Champion’s League round of 16.


However shortly after they suffered a shocking loss to 15th ranked Deporvito.


It seems like league games are getting a little tough on this team, which could be the result of exhaustion from their comeback against PSG. Also due to injury Neymar was unavailable for the contest.

However losing from this point on can’t be allowed to happen.


Their upcoming schedule is tough with tough matches against Juventus in the CL best eight, Sevilla waiting in the 30th week, and the El Clasico with Real in the 33rd game.


If they hope to accomplish their goal of a Triple Crown season, these are matches they can’t afford to lose.


For Valencia, after they pulled off a shocking win against Real, they have slipped with only 1 win 2 losses and a draw.


They are going into a tough match against Barcelona without any kind of momentum.


Valencia did show the strength to back Barcelona into a corner in the first game of the season, although they did lose 3-2.


Hopefully we can expect the same kind of passionate match this time around.


Game Development and Predictions


Can Barcelona, who welcome Valencia to Camp Nou, show off their immense power in the game again?


To do this, it is necessary for their dominant attacking trio to recover.


Messi, the face of Barcelona, seemed to be in bad form against Deportivo.


It’s necessary to prove in this match against Valencia, that the rumors of Messi’s decreasing work rate are false.


With a recent injury after the match with Paris, Neymar’s form is also a concern. [Will he even be able to play in the game?]


Suarez went on a rampage in the last game, and was able to score a goal himself. He may become key in this match as well.


Looking at Valencia, the correct strategy might be able to do counters, and put most of their focus on defense.


It’s certain that players and fans alike hope this is not true, but it looks certain that Valencia will struggle in Camp Nou.


Messi, Suarez, and the other attackers for Barcelona will likely have little to do with defense, so Valencia wants to counter sharply to put Barca’s backs against the wall.


Although it hurts that key player Nani is out with injury [with no chance of returning this season] Munir el Haddadi who is going against the team who sent him out on loan must be excited.


Valencia should have some chances to score if Haddadi’s dribbling skills can distract Barcelona’s defense.


Let’s Predict the Game with Odds


Now let’s predict this exciting game with bookmaker’s odds numbers.


William Hill




So it seems that Barcelona is massively favored in their home ground. Valencia has been thirteenth place in the standings this season, and not playing their best.


It is a reality that it will be difficult for them, even though they could show their fire by winning against Real in the 16th match week.


The past game results show that Barcelona has more advantages and this season they are going to fight in Camp Nou. [Barcelona 2 wins 2 draws 1 loss].


The number is showing that is it 19 times more likely that Barcelona will win so Valencia’s chances are clearly low.


The nature of Soccer means that there is no guaranteed victory, but Valencia needs a miracle to flip this situation.


In Conclusions


It’s predicted that Valencia is going to have a really tough time.


Can they play a good game against Barcelona in Camp Nou?


On the other hand Barcelona cannot afford to lose anymore, as they are already in a shaky situation to get the title from Real.


The 28th match week game Barcelona vs Valencia will kick off on March 19th in Spain time.
At this point in the La Liga season, there is no game that you should miss until it ends!

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