Riding a 13 Game Home Winning Streak Juventus Looks Forward to a CL Battle Against FC Porto


The Champion’s League tournament has shown us non stop excitement in the matches so far.


A rare miracle victory happened for Barcelona, winning 6-1 against PSG, making a historic comeback to make it up to the final eight.


There has been so many games to watch this Champion’s League, but there are only four games left in the round of 16.


Who is going to make it to the best eight? There are some can’t miss games coming up.


The upcoming battle will feature Italian league champions Juventus and Portuguese champions FC Porto.


Juventus won the first game 2-0 on FC Porto’s ground. How will Italian powerhouse Juventus play the second leg.


So let’s predict the match looking at bookmaker odds as well.



-Both Teams Condition


The media has been telling the world that Juventus seems more unstable than usual in defense, but the past few games they have been in great form.


The formation developed by Allegri tried after their loss in the super cup. The formation features Higuain, Dybala, Mandzukic, and Cuadrado.


Their destructive forwards are not losing against Barca or Real Madrid.


They have been continuing to stay undefeated in their home stadium, and the next match will be in their home stadium.


The streak mentioned above is a 13 game winning streak, so they probably won’t lose.


Porto also has a 3 game winning streaks with clean sheets in every game. As they move toward the second leg they seem to have recovered their great form.


We can expect a passionate second leg.



-1st Leg Summary


In the first leg there Porto seemed to be pushing hard in the early goings of the match, but toward the end of the game Juventus took over possession.


Alex Telles also had to leave the game with 2 yellows after 27 minutes.


After gaining the numerical advantage the game totally shifted into Juventus’s favor.


Porto possession was a measly 24% compared to Juventus’s 76% with Juventus showing the obvious advantage.


Also Porto finished the match with 0 shots on target, showing a huge gap in power with Juventus.


Though Porto’s defense is to be praised for the first leg.


Although Juventus scored 2 goals, you can look at it as Porto only allowing two goals, considering the disadvantage in player numbers and possession.


Because Porto’s defense kept the score manageable they have some hope in the second leg, and they will continue to be the key for the club.



– Game Development

People have been focusing on how Porto will come out of the gate in the second leg.


Sitting at a 2 goal disadvantage it seems they need to come out attacking strong, but that might not be the best idea at Juventus’s home ground.


It seems like the better strategy would be to gain their 2 goals through set play, and counter attacks, putting more focus on their defense.


On the other hand Juventus might have an easy time carrying the game.


The strategy of putting focus on defense and targeting counters with high press will be enough, because they will make it to the best eight unless they lose by 3 goals or more.


They don’t have any visible weaknesses at this time with Pjanic’s midfield control, and Khedira’s solid defense.


If they can get an early goal, they can get the victory without having to feel too much pressure.


The important thing for Porto is to not allow themselves to feel frustrated.


If they can finish the game 2-0, they can go to extra time with a big mental advantage.


It does seem tough to finish the game with a clean sheet against Juventus, trying to work some set plays into their defense.


Long counter tactics like Milan showed in the previous game are helpful, but there is no doubt this will be a tough match.


If they can manage to deal with the times of the games where Juventus is clicking, then they can probably flip things around.



-Let’s look at the odds


Now let’s look at the odds and predict this game.


William Hill


Of course Juventus is predicted to win for the most part.  It is hard to break a team who won 13 consecutive home games.


It is predicted that Porto will struggle, but can they flip things around?


However it does seem like Juventus has been having some issues finishing their chances in the past few matches.


So if Porto can defend like Milan, they may be able to deal with this Juventus squad.


Juventus’s victory is predicted around 80-90%, but let’s hope Porto can put up a good fight in this game.





It’s expected that Porto will have a very tough time in the game, can they flip the situation against Juventus.


One week ago Barcelona advanced to the final eight, flipping a 4 goal deficit around. Can Porto accomplish a similar feat?


On the other hand, Juventus has not lost this year in their home ground, they seem to be an iron wall.


In the second game as well they want to grab the victory by keeping a stable pace throughout.


The kickoff to this amazing match will be on March 14th, let’s expect a passionate game!


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