City vs Liverpool the Battle for High Positioning on March 19th


Now is an exciting time for the Premier League, the top team Chelsea is seemingly unreachable, but ranks 2-6 are in a very tight race.


The battle for Champions League qualification is starting to get intense.


There is going to be an exciting battle between two high ranking teams that in that vortex, Manchester City and Liverpool.


As expected, both teams have maintained high positioning in the Premier League table.


Who is going to get the victory in this high-stakes match to decide the Premier League standings?


So let’s predict this interesting game by looking at each team’s condition as well as the odds.



-Both Team’s Condition


City has not won in their past two fixtures. Their March 15th lost to Monaco was shocking for fans, and club manager Pep Guardiola.


It must have been a huge shock for a powerhouse team like Manchester City to get knocked out in the round of 16 two years in a row.


It is also a concern that Aguero that has been in poor form recently, lacking the ability to finish.


They must have a lot of concerns in this important upcoming fixture.


On the other hand Liverpool has been winning continuously lately, after overcoming their defeat against Leicester.


Especially their 3-1 victory against Arsenal, must have been a great encouragement to them, and their chances to finish in Champions League positioning.


After having such a complete victory over Arsenal, and after that they had a solid win against a low ranked club as well.


Liverpool has been working hard lately, and it surely helped them prepare for their battle with City.


On another note, the past five fixtures between these two teams, resulted in four wins for Liverpool, and one draw.


City has not won against Liverpool even once in the past two years. This game will be played at City’s home ground, but it is almost certain that they are going to suffer in this fixture.




-Game Flow

It seems like the strength for teams are black and white, but this game will be in City’s home.


In regards to possession, City looks to have the advantage. While Liverpool is known for choking in important positioning games such as this.


This year however, Liverpool won against Tottenham and Chelsea, so this year they seem to be focusing hard on these key matchups.


Also Klopp’s gegenpress technique attacks City’s weak points very effectively.


The shortest path to victory for Liverpool is to avoid giving City’s midfielders get too much time on the attack, and give the forwards chances.


They can take away City’s advantages if they counter well, and complete long passes to push City’s line back.


In doing this they can pin down Bruyne and Silva.


If Liverpool can get time on their attacks they should be able to take the first goal of the game straight down the middle.


They will definitely have counter opportunities, because Pep puts a lot of focus on possession.


It should be especially easy to create space if they can lead City’s midfielders and backs by countering sharply from the sides with Mane.


They surely hope to get the first goal by exploiting City’s weakness.


For City, pressing with their forwards, like they did against Monaco will be very important.


Even though it was after they lost two goals, they could put Monaco in a corner temporarily with their aggressive high press.


Their weak point as always however, is their defense.


Lately they have been showing this disadvantage even in set plays. Adding to the lack of CB coverage, including Stones and Otamendi.


City is often victimized by side attacks, which scatter their players out of position.


Also they’ve been showing of weakness against their opponent’s crosses. As a result their vital players get scattered out of position.


It’s necessary that not only midfielders like Fernandinho cooperate with the defense, and also on offense they need to quick attacks through the center using short passes.


Of course it’s important to read the opponent’s defense and sometimes distract their players with side passes; however it is important to attack quickly against Liverpool, because their defenders are always focused on defending the center.


The key for City is attacking with all of their speed, and increasing the opportunity for possession without unnecessary risks. Also quick transitions between defense and offense, especially how they press when they lose possession.


Either way it is certain that both teams’ skilled midfielders offensive and defensive skills will shake things up.


Can City’s passing escape from Liverpool’s high press, or will Liverpool effectively silence City’s midfield, and have things go their way?


This game should be intense from start to finish.



-Now let’s predict the game looking at odds


Now let’s predict this exciting game, the 29th game of the Premier League with odds.


William Hill



As you can see City is getting a slight advantage from playing in their home ground. Liverpool has been playing well against powerhouse teams this season, but it’s predicted that the game will follow the Premier League rankings.


The odds may be reflecting that Liverpool has lost two away games in a row, but as mentioned above City hasn’t won against Liverpool since 2014.


It seems to be a bad match for City given their record of 4 losses and a draw in the past five games against Liverpool.


This game is tough to call, but looking at the big picture, the odds show these two teams are about the same.


From many people’s point of view, City has a lot to worry about, but they are hoping to regain their form with a win in this game.


We can expect an exciting game in this fixture as well!




The 29th match week of this Premier League Season, seems to have a lot of great games because of the great teams in the league.


This game will be a battle of two high ranked teams with potential consequences for the future of the League standings, and you won’t be able to keep your eyes off of it.


Can out of sorts City get a win? Or will a Liverpool team who plays their best against big clubs continue winning even in this away game?


The game that you can’t miss will kick off on March 19th in British time.


There will be a very exciting match City’s Stadium of Light.

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